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Who We Are

Who We Are

Since our establishment in 1968, we have consistently been focused on developing products based on high-frequency radio technology and have built up our technologies. In addition to the analog high-frequency technologies, we have been expanding our technological field every day including optical transmission technologies, and digital technologies such as digital signal processing and FPGA, as well as systems integration that combine these technologies. We have introduced the latest production management system and are responding to a wide range of customer opinions in the area of QCD through global production. As a leading company, we will work actively to take up the challenge of building advanced technologies so that we can respond to ‘Trends’ and ‘Customer Demands.’




Device Departments

Our Device Department develops and manufactures passive components for high-frequency radio systems by making full use of our core technology and analog high-frequency technology. A wide range of products, including attenuators, switchers, dividers and combiners, shared devices, and various filters, can be customized to meet the needs/demands of customers for any products. We are developing complex components that combine various components.


Systems Departments

From our experience in analog high-frequency technology, optical transmission technology, signal processing, and software technology we have developed various products such as amplifiers and oscillators, Optical Link and high-speed sampling digitizers. All components can be adapted to suit your specific requirements or even have it level-up for test equipment to a wide range of fields.Furthermore, we are capable of manufacturing larger-scale radio equipment and test equipment and provide them to a wide range of fields.



Extensive Design and Production Facilities

Extensive Design and Production Facilities

Tamagawa Electronics invests in the latest technologies and facilities.

Investment Examples:
1)Thermal Evaporation System (sputtering equipment) for the development of elementary bodies.
2)Advanced substrate-design CAD systems that enable high integration and high multi-layer design by 3D modelling, and machining centers (cutting machines) that can flexibly cope with everything from prototypes to mass production.

Furthermore, we have a variety of measuring instruments that can handle millimeter wave bands and a number of measuring instruments dedicated to optical products.
For mass-produced products, we have built in-house automatic measurement systems.


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Research and Development Initiatives

Research and Development Initiatives

We actively invest in R&D to further develop a wide range of technological areas. To respond to customer opinions, each division has continuously developed new products. And from a mid-term Business Plan, we work on to developing new technologies, such as promoting industry-academia joint research. We are also pursuing new possibilities for high-frequency and optical products by offering our accumulated technologies to cutting-edge research laboratories in other fields, and not only the telecommunications field.

Production Facility
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