Public Areas and Disaster Prevention

Public Areas and Disaster Prevention

Our filter and passive components(shared equipment etc.) are widely used in Police radio, Fire radio, Disaster prevention wireless system for Prefectures and Municipalities, also we have developed the core components of high-frequency components(High-power amplifiers, Frequency converters etc.) based on development experience of the latest radar system for observing dramatically changing weather environments.


Overall Structure of Disaster Prevention Radio System

Public Areas and Disaster Prevention

Radio for Disaster Prevention

Radio for disaster prevention is used in various frequency ranges. There are many systems for Broadcast radio, Disaster prevention for Municipalities …etc. In recent years, due to the digitization of disaster prevention radio, our High Frequency products (Microwave duplexers, VHF band filters,Frequency converters etc.) are used in the digital disaster prevention radio.

Predicting unexpected Weather change(heavy rain and thunder storms

Public Areas and Disaster Prevention

Weather Radar

Recently, there are lots of big damages that are occurred by unexpected weather conditions, tornado and heavy rain worldwide with changing global environment.We are required to improve the performance of radar systems that perform weather forecasting to obtain high-precision advance information that increases demand year by year. We provide RF products of Multi-channel frequency converters and Amplifying units, Digital product(included signal processing) and Optical transmission products.

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