Public Roads and Transportation

Public Roads and Transportation

Our optical transmission technology is used in the communication network for Shinkansen(between Shin-Osaka and Hakata) and radio quiet zone
in tunnel on highway(Tomei). In addition, Filters, Duplexers, Amplifiers and Optical transmission technology are widely used for trains, vehicles and
commercial radios in airports.
Our Radio systems(upgraded Filters, Duplexers, Amplifiers and Optical transmission technology) has been increasing the share of the market every year.


Ensuring Safety and Reliability

Public Roads and Transportation

Train Radio System

LCX(*) communication method is used between train and train operation center.
The optical relay system(implemented LCX communication method) can convert radio signal into optical signal that it is relayed between master and slave station.
We provide Amplifiers, Attenuators and Coaxial filters for optical relay system and slave station.
(*)Leaky CoaXial cable

Tunnel Connectivity Solutions

Public Roads and Transportation

AM/FM Radio Broadcast

The retransmission device is installed in tunnel to redelivery AM/FM radio waves.
FM radio uses LCX(*) for receiving antenna, but LCX has large transmission loss in the long-distance tunnel.
To solve this problem when FM radio is used for long-distance tunnels, it uses optical relay.
We provide high-frequency products that are RoF(*), Transmission/Reception amplifiers, etc. for optical relay.
(*)Leaky CoaXial cable
(*) Radio On Fiber

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