Production Facility

Production Facility
Designing Substrate

We have high-frequency measurement equipment necessary for high-precision performance inspection and evaluation, and we have a wide range of frequency bands ranging from DC to 50 GHz.Impedance can be used for both 50Ω and 75Ω.

Production Facility

Our optical signal analysis equipment supports the inspection and evaluation of optical products.
Since we have a large number of these facilities, we meet all production conditions, from mass production to small-volume production.

Production Facility

X-ray fluorescence analyzer

Production Facility

Machining Center

Production Facility


Production Facility

Network Analyzer

Main Equipments

Product Name Serial Number Number Owned
9KHz~3GHz Network Analyzer (75Ω) 8753D 1
9KHz~3GHz Network Analyzer 8753D, etc. 3
9KHz~6GHz Network Analyzer 8356A, etc. 6
9KHz~8.5GHz Network Analyzer E5071C 6
300KHz~20GHz Network Analyzer 8722ES, etc. 3
10MHz~40GHz Network Analyzer E8363B, etc. 5
~7GHz Signal Source Analyzer E5052B 1
10Hz~8.4GHz Signal Analyzer MXA N9020A 1
~26.5GHz Signal Analyzer N9010A, etc. 3
~13.5GHz Spectrum analyzer E8564, etc. 2
~40GHz Spectrum analyzer 8564EC, etc. 2
~50GHz SG E8257D 1
Digital Power Meter E4418B 2
Digital Multi Meter 34401A, etc. 4
Digital/Analog RF Signal Generators E4430B 1
Peak Power Analyzer 8990A 1
Oscilloscope 20GSa MS09104A 1
Optical Spectrum Analyzer MS9740A 1
Optical Power Meter 81626B 3
150W(1MHz~30MHz) Power Amplifier 1
100W(20MHz~500MHz) Power Amplifier 1
100W(500MHz~3000MHz) Power Amplifier 1

Performance Evaluation Testing Equipments

Product Name Serial Number Number Owned
EMC Shielding Fabric 1
Temperature and Humidity Chamber (-40℃~+150℃ / 30%Hr~95%Hr) SH-241, etc. 3
Thermal Shock Chamber (-65℃~+200℃) TSA-101L 1
Thermostatic Chamber PL-4KP, etc. 3

Processing Equipment

Product Name Company Name Number Owned
Machining Center Matsuura Machinery Corporation 2
Milling Machine Makino 2
Lathe Tateya,Eguro 2
Milling Machine Marushin 1
Drilling Machine 5
Shirring Machine 1
Production Facility
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