Environment, CSR



Basic Principle

Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd. recognizes that preservation of the global environment is an important issue common to humankind, and sets harmony with the global environment as its basic philosophy in all aspects of its business activities.
To this end, we will actively make effective use of resources, prevent environmental pollution, and manage chemical substances contained therein. We will continue and systematically promote environmental improvement activities and fulfill our social responsibilities as a company.


Basic Policy

  1. Through environmental management systems established based on the ISO14001, we promote environmental improvement activities and strive to reduce environmental impact at all stages of our business activities.
  2. Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd. is constantly aware of environmental aspects related to its activities, products, and services, and is working to prevent environmental pollution and environmental risks, while continually improving its environmental management system.
  3. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations, agreements, and other requirements and voluntary standards related to the activities, products, and services of Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd.
  4. In order to reduce the environmental impact of our business activities, we set quantitative objectives and targets as far as technically and economically feasible, and regularly review these objectives and targets for continuous improvement.

    In the development of products and technologies, we aim to create products that are environmentally friendly from the planning, development, and prototyping stages.

    In manufacturing products, we will reduce the amount of waste and harmful substances discharged, strive to reduce the environmental impact, and promote recycling.

    We will promote energy conservation and reduce CO2 emissions.

    Promote Green Purchasing to purchase products with less environmental impact.

    We promote activities that take into account the conservation of biodiversity.

  5. Ensuring that all employees are thoroughly aware of environmental management system education and training, as well as raising awareness of environmental conservation.
  6. This environmental policy shall be documented and communicated to all divisions and employees of Tamagawa Electronics Co., Ltd. and disclosed to the public in an appropriate form as necessary.

April 1st 2018 Tamagawa Electronics Co. Ltd
President and CEO Masanori Kobayashi

Green Procurement


We publish the Green Procurement Standards, which summarizes our green procurement philosophy and requirements for our suppliers, and promote green procurement, which prioritizes environmentally friendly parts and materials with the cooperation of our suppliers.
* The suppliers subject to the survey will be contacted separately. For details of the survey method, please refer to the e-mail at the time of the survey request. In selecting suppliers, we have established systems for compliance with relevant laws and regulations, environmental conservation activities (certification of environmental management system, and management of prohibited chemical substances, regardless of whether they are in Japan or overseas, and prioritize suppliers who are implementing ambitious initiatives.

Management of contained chemical substances

Chemical substances subject to “Prohibited Substances” and “Controlled Substances” stipulated in the “Control Regulations for Contained Chemical Substances” correspond to substances subject to JAMP (Article Management Promotion Council: hereinafter referred to as “JAMP”) control.
Please refer to the JAMP website for information on substances subject to JAMP control and explanations.

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