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Linear Accelerator (LLRF: High-Frequency Control System)

This case is about one of equipment installed the facility, called “High-Brightness-3Gev-Level-Radiation-Source for Soft-X-ray”, wich is planned to go into operation whithin FY2023. This facility has light-source-performance whici is 100 times as bright as the existing Synchrotron Radiation Facility for Soft-X-ray in Japan. It means its brightness is 100 million brigher than the sun. So, You can say that it is like a gigantic microscope enables you to visualize function of substances under fine area of nano level.

This system is a part of the “Synchrotron Radiation Facility of The Next Generation”, whici is focusing on the area of soft-X-ray. It is a control-system making a line-accelerator operate stably, which accelerates charged particles linearly under high frequency erectric field.

This facility is under construction aiming at opening whithin FY2023.