Quality & Environmentquality

Constant technological development from the customer’s perspective

We have earned the trust of our customers by offering “the best products” with high QCD(Quality, Cost and Delivery) based on our management philosophy of “Customer First.”

We devote our knowledge and experience to:

  • develop new technologies to meet future developments in the information and telecommunications field
  • Enhancement of product lineup by developing new products

We are also working to strengthen and expand the high-frequency circuit element business.

In addition, automation of the development process and introduction of a computer management system are indispensable conditions to improve technology development capabilities.
We accumulate and share data to achieve automation and efficiency of the entire design.

We have a manufacturing environment and various environmental test facilities because we are required to have the technological capabilities to manufacture products that withstand harsh environmental conditions.

On the other hand, in the development of new technology, we have developed a converter that converts radio waves into optical signals, and have established a unique technology for optical link systems, which is a technology for dealing with areas where radio waves are difficult to transmit, such as tunnels and underground malls.

In 1997, we obtained ISO9001 certification for quality control and quality assurance, which covers the entire process from designing and developing components for telecommunications equipment and measuring equipment for telecommunications equipment to manufacturing.
It covers all products we manufacture and is certified as a company with international standards in quality control.

  • ISO 9001