Production Facility

Production Facility

Production Facility
Designing Substrate

We have high-frequency measurement equipment necessary for high-precision performance inspection and evaluation, and we have a wide range of frequency bands ranging from DC to 50 GHz.Impedance can be used for both 50Ω and 75Ω.

Production Facility

Our optical signal analysis equipment supports the inspection and evaluation of optical products.
Since we have a large number of these facilities, we meet all production conditions, from mass production to small-volume production.

  • X-ray fluorescence analyzer
    X-ray fluorescence analyzer
  • Machining Center
    Machining Center
  • Oscilloscope
  • Network Analyzer
    Network Analyzer
  • Wire Bonder / Die Bonder
    Wire Bonder / Die Bonder
  • 3D Scanner Type Coordinate Measuring Machine
    3D Scanner Type Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Microscope
  • Image Dimension Measuring Instrument
    Image Dimension Measuring Instrument
  • Vibration Tester
    Vibration Tester
  • Thermal Shock Tester
    Thermal Shock Tester