CASEFA / Others (EMS Test Equipment)

Optical Feeding RoF (Receiver)

[EMC/Antenna Testing]

Optical fiber can transmit RFsignals without loss , and doesn’t affected by radio waves because its transmit-loss is extremely low. And, feeding with optical energy, receivers which detect RF signals are isolated, which makes low desturbance and continuous measurement possible.

[BCI Testing]

One of the immunity testing to electric device on vehicle is to evaluate durability against noise enduced on wire-harness. Regarding BCI (Bulk Current Injection) testing, connecting current-probe with spectrum analyzer via coaxial cable, and measuring. When you connect with coaxial cable, sometimes you can not get right vlues because of influence of induced current. Optical fiber, on the other hand, is made of insulator and converts signals from current-probe into optical signals to transmit. So, there is no influence of inducing.