CASESpace / Satellite (Examination Equipment)

1GHz band Frequency Conveter

It is a general-purpose down-converter to convert 950~2150MHz into IF signal of 70MHz±20MHz or 140MHz±40MHz. You can set up RF frequency, ATT, ON/OFF of transmission output by buttons on the front LCD or serial control (RS-422, RS485, Ethernet) via D-SUB connector on the back. You can also save the setting in the memory.
LCD shows the setting status, and LEDs on the front visually show alarm status or control status. It is also available to check local-alarm-status from open-collector-output.
Since inside local signals, RF input signals and IF output signals have monitor-output, you can check those signals one by one.
Configurable ATT is on RF line and IF line, you can set up most stable condition, considering NF and P1dB. You can also confirm alarm-occuring-record or changing-record of each setting, by checking event logs.