CASEMobile Phone (Mobile Base Station)

Mobile telecommunication base stations

In the mobile base stations, various methods have been carried on to construct proper communication area, according to the setting sights. When you set base station outside, such as metropolitan area, suburb and mountainous area, the types of base stations are chosen, one has small and low output, the other has big and high output.
When it comes to indoor, communication area are constructed by Indoor-Antenna-Sharing-System, in order to cover areas where radio waves are difficult to reach, such as each floor of skyscrapers, subways and undeground shopping arcades.
Forcusing on components for base station, TMAGAWA Electronics has provided coaxial attenuators, which adjust signal levels of mobile phone, and couplers & distoributors for dividing antennas. Depending on setting areas, both outdoor types and indor types are available.