CASEGovernment Office (Equipped Device)

RoF for Battleships

Regarding satellite communications of Japanese Self Defense Force, frequency bands, X, Ku, L and Ka are mainly used.
Amang those band, X band is especially used for significant communications, such as chain of command for operating forces or operational information support.

It’s satellite communication for the following purposes;
Securing smooth correspondence amang Self-Defense Forces on the ground, see and in the Sky.
Satisfactory communication capacity which enables transmissions of bigger-size-images and video data.
Securing enough communications for the forces operating overseas.

RoF devices, produced by TAMAGAWA Electronics, were already installed in those satellite base stations on the ground.
The signal transmission from a base station on the ground runs with IF signals. (Direct modulation of X band is also possible.)

It is a RoF devices that connect from transceiving antenna to base stations with optical fibers which are durable against foreign noises and can achieve lower-loss under long distance communications.

In order to realize weight-saving, there are some cases to introduce optical transmission into battleships, focucing on lightning protection or light-weight.

Rof: Rof stands for Radio over Fiber